The Tyken Group/West 500 Partners

The fight for top talent has never been more intense — and your business depends on identifying and acquiring the most talented and versatile resources.  The Tyken Group/West500 Partners can help. (You can visit us at to learn more about both companies.)

Whether you need a skilled project manager to guide a 6-month effort to completion, a passionate software developer to fill a permanent role on your team, or a fearless salesperson to help get you to your goals — we can help. Technical writers, testers, designers, developers, marketing specialists, executives, salespeople, administrative help, and much more. We have the resources to bring the top talent to you.

At the Tyken Group, our goal is to keep things simple.

For consultants and professionals, looking for a better place, a better opportunity, a better balance — we can pay you more, we can provide more and better benefits, and we’ll put you in position to succeed.

For hiring managers, for recruiters and for business managers — we know that every day that passes without the support you need means money and opportunity lost. We provide the right people, at the right time, who can do the right thing. Right away.

Find out what it is like to get world-class service, and let us help you concentrate on doing what you do best. Contact the Tyken Group today!
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